Great Customer Experiences - and the data that enables them

New York and Silicon Valley, October 1-5, 2018.

Bli med oss i høst når vi drar til New York og San Francisco for å lære av de beste i bransjen. I løpet av en hendelsesrik uke besøker vi bedrifter og organisasjoner som er ledende innenfor sine felt – for å samle innsikt og inspirasjon fra deres erfaringer.

Tema i år er "datadrevne opplevelser", og vi vil ha møter og workshops med aktører som bruker data, adferdsinnsikt og teknologi til å lage nye tjenester og bedre opplevelser for sine kunder. I løpet av to dager i New York og tre dager i Silicon Valley har vi booket oss inn hos flere av de største globale innovatørene innen digitale tjenester og handel – i tillegg til noen av de ledende tilbyderne av plattformer og teknologi. Vi kjører en workshop på Stanford University og besøker spennende butikker og utstillinger. Det blir felles lunsjer og middager med rom for refleksjon og kunnskapsdeling – og er vi heldige får vi tid til litt sightseeing også. Vi kan garantere en minneverdig uke og håper du har lyst å være med.

Turen vil naturlig nok foregår på engelsk - og du finner mer informasjon om opplegg og betingelser her. Eller du kan ta kontakt med Håvard Gundersen (havard.gundersen@knowit.no / Mob: +47 930 31 740



Stanford University
We will meet the Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford, which specializes in behavioral design, innovation in the intersection of technology and economics. Our focus in the workshop will be the digital customer license.

Thursday afternoon we will hold a classic Knowit-workshop demonstrating how you can approach working with customer insight when creating great experiences for your own clients and customers. The goal for this session is to capitalize on our newly gained perspectives and insights - pairing it with the challanges and opportunities you face in your local markets. It will be a practical workshop reviewing different methods for digital innovation and customer journey development.

Company visits

Amazon is a global leader in using data and insight to create new services and improve their customer experiences. Constantly disrupting new industries and doing so at a very rapid pace. We will meet Amazon at their San Francisco office to learn more about how they work with innovation, how they utilize data in their decision making and how voice management will affect customer behaviour in the future.

IBM Watson - put AI to work
IBM Watson is probably the world's leading supplier of artificial intelligence as a service to other businesses. Where other organizations talk about it - IBM Watson delivers it. We will meet their specialists to get a review of the most interesting cases they are currently working on.

Google has been using data and behavioural insights to develop their existing services and new business since they revolutionized the internet in the early 1990's. We will meet their team in Mountain View to get a presentation of how they work with artificial intelligence (AI). The focus will also be to learn more about how Google works to build its innovation culture.

Netflix disrupted the global media industry by using customer insight and technology to enable new and better customer experiences. Today they are one of the leading suppliers - and creators - of content and entertainment in the world. We will meet Netflix to learn more about this visionary company and gain insight into how they work with large amounts of data and machine learning.

Uber is famous for disrupting personal transportation - creating an all new customer experience and brand new business models through the use of technology and data. Joins us as we sit down with some of the specialists that makes it all possible.

The company x.ai is the home of Amy + Andrew, artificially intelligent assistants who schedule meetings. We will sit down with CEO and co-founder Dennis Mortensen to hear about the journey and future of this New York start-up.

Dennis is an expert in leveraging data to solve enterprise use cases and a serial entrepreneur who’s successfully exited several companies on that theme.

Standard Cognition
Standard Cognition is a fully automated check out solution in store. They build a lot of the solution to machine learning. The company is in direct competition with Amazon and is now testing out payment solutions in UK, Japan and Canada.

In a world where customer insights and behavioural data has become a crucial enabler for creating great customer experiences - choosing the right tools and partners have become all the more important. Salesforce is one of the leading suppliers of services and platforms combining customer data with commerce and communication. We will meet them at their headquarters in San Francisco, where we will gain insights into how they continuously evolve to support their clients in their efforts towards the ultimate customer experience.

Adobe has long been one of the giants within digital communication and commerce. They have deep insights into digital customer change. We will meet Bruce Abelson who has built up Livefyre (which was purchased by Adobe two years ago). He will go through his perspective on customer behaviour and what the big digital advertizers now focus on.

Store visits and exhibitions

Amazon Store
Everyone knows Amazon. As you know, Amazon is now in the process of opening physical stores. We will visit their first shop located on 34th street. There we will see how they excel using Amazon Echo in the purchase experience.

Rebecca Minkoff

The store is known to be fully committed to using digital tools. We'll take a visit to see how they've solved the different challenges and let us inspire.​

Apple Park Visitor Center

Apple has created a visiting center in connection with its new headquarters. We are looking forward to looking at their AR technology.


This is a store that leases exposure opportunities for new beta products in the market.​


This is a cafe / restaurant where you order and get the food delivered without any service. A very special experience.


Spanning five floors and 55,000 square feet, this location is full of instagrammable displays, tech integrations and product testing zones, making it fell less lika a store and more like an experiential hub and brand museum. Each floor of the store is dedicated to a different sport og physical activity, many featuring historic Nike products scattered throughout, making it a destination for shoppers as well as fans.​


With its first retail location, the wireless speaker brand set out with the goal of allowing visitors to experience its products just as they would at home

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