Clive Bates Master Class on Agile Process Improvement

Why Should you register to this course? Every organisation needs to be better in testing and software development, to get faster feedback to product development, to get the right product and increase business. How to get better is through process improvement, test automation, DevOps, or better metrics. Sign up to learn how it is done!

In this training, testing guru Clive Bates will present the link between process improvement and business success! Clive will demonstrate how valuable testing process improvements can be, for organisations that follow an agile development life cycle as well as for organisations that follow the more traditional approach. Software development process improvement is for everyone.

For more information about the event: we.knowit.fi/clive-bates-on-development-process-improvement

TIME: Tuesday 15 Nov and Wednesday 16 Nov, 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM

LOCATION: Paasitorni Congress Center, Helsinki, www.paasitorni.fi/en

FEE: 990€/person + VAT

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