Business Intelligence

From 0 to Snowflake in 90 Minutes

Join Snowflake and Knowit for a 90-minute workshop where we will show you how easy it is to get started with Snowflake cloud data warehouse.

We will demonstrate some of the cool features in Snowflake such as zero copy cloning, undrop, time travel and much more.


  • Understanding of the future of data warehousing is the cloud. We will explain in detail why.
  • The future of cloud data warehousing is Snowflake. We will show you how to build your own data warehouse in the cloud in 90 minutes.


Register on Snowflake's website.


08:00 – 08.30 Registration and networking breakfast

08:30 – 09.00 Welcome and introductions

09:00 – 10.30 How to build a Snowflake cloud data warehouse

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