Senior Consultant - Knowit Quest

Would you be interested in joining a company where the consultants are truly the primary focus? Startup Knowit Quest is looking for Senior Consultants to join their team.

The most important factor for Quest is the consultants we are working with and for. The way we work is that first; we want to get to know you, hear what kind of technologies you are interested in working with, what sort of roles you are interested in, are there specific branches you would wish to work with or even specific customers. After that we will begin to look for a client based on your desires. As Quest is a part of Knowit group we have a huge pool of customers to work with.

Our consultants are people who have worked with consulting before and know the market. We believe that you are the one who knows best how, when and where to work with your customer. Trust and flexibility are important factors for us. If you wish to take a longer holiday, we will not be standing in the way - coordinate it with your customer and take some well-deserved time off!

The reason I chose to go to Knowit Quest is because I wanted to help build something from scratch, as well as get new challenges. Here I have the opportunity to participate and form a small company, but at the same time I have access to the entire Knowit group. Here it's up to me to explore new things or to take it easy and just enjoy the ride with Quest.

-Thach Khoi Pham, Senior Technology Consultant

We think you are:

  • A person who wants to help build and shape their own professional environment
  • Enjoying challenging tasks and projects
  • Creative and curious, but at the same time pragmatic and solution-oriented
  • Willing to share your knowledge and experience with colleagues and other groups

    We think you have experience and expertise in:

    • Development and / or Architecture
    • Team or Tech Lead (or a desire to be one)
    • Flexible methodology / Product development, DevOps, Cloud and/or security
    • Team coach or Team-of-team coaching
    • Working in the Nordic market and knowledge of a Nordic language

    We believe you see the value of working with development on modern technology platforms and with modern methodologies. You see your role as a consultant as important as your technological competence, and you want to work on projects that value social responsibility and sustainability.

    As a consultant, you get the opportunity to learn a lot through projects and assignments with different clients. To give some examples of technologies we use with our customers, we have listed some here:

    • Java or .net
    • Kotlin
    • Kafka
    • Spring / Spring Boot
    • Cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and/or Google
    • Docker/Kubernetes
    • Microservices
    • CI/CD + verktøy
    • REST

    We can offer you:

    • Revenue-based salary model. The biggest share of the revenue will be paid directly to the consultant. The model we use is simple, clear and transparent.
    • A meaningful workday, where you will earn well and at the same time you will be able to maintain a good balance between work and leisure
    • Flexibility and freedom of choice, for example when it comes to when, where and how you work
    • Possibility of being part of a startup, and enjoy the benefits of a large organization
    • Possibility to help develop a new company; it is up to you how much you want to take part in internal development
    • Exciting and challenging professional environment as you will be part of a company that offers concrete professional and personal development opportunities
    • Access to customers / clients you will be proud to work for
    • Very good insurance and pension schemes
    Christian Martinsen
    CEO Knowit Quest
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