The challenge

Ericsson wanted to introduce a new support system for Idea and Innovation Management which would also support innovation collaborations with the company’s partners.

There was no initial requirements specification – rather, this was devised during the course of project execution. The developmental team had no experience of innovation management. And, as always, the time plan was aggressive. 

The assignment

Knowit Insight was tasked with leading the development of Ericsson’s new support system for innovation. On site, we helped them roll out the system to more than 100,000 users.

  • Together, we established new work methods and structures.
  • We have driven development and delivery of the new support system.
  • We ensured that development was performed in close collaboration with key stakeholders and key innovation groups.
  • We took charge of the pre-study workflow in relation to telecommunications operators, in order to prepare system support for innovative work within the client’s partner organizations, as well as between the client and its partners.
  • We transformed the client’s work method from a project form to road-mapped, agile, continuous development. 

The results

Now, Ericsson has a new, bespoke tool for innovation support. The project exceeded expectations as regards requirements, time, cost and quality.

Ericsson has signed a contract with one of its strategic partners, so it can use the tool within its operations. There are plans for a similar setup with other partners.

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