Knowit and Denodo

Partnering to modernize data warehousing and shape its future

Why Knowit and Denodo?

The data warehouse is at the center of many business intelligence (BI) and analytics infrastructures. Providing a consolidated location for storing data, data warehouses have enabled consistency and reliability for decades. Recently, however, traditional data warehouses have been showing some limitations:

  1. They cannot accommodate data from some of the newer data sources, such as cloud data, big data, unstructured data, data from social media platforms, data from in-process transactions, and dynamic data from the Internet of Things (IoT).
  2. They are often updated via extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes that must be re-written and tested to accommodate changes in the source or target systems, and they deliver data in scheduled batches, so they cannot support real-time use cases.
  3. Like the ETL processes that feed them, data warehouses themselves are very rigid in terms of enabling changes to the underlying structure, without taking them offline, moving the data elsewhere, and then moving it back.
  4. Because they often cannot contain all data across the organization and certainly not in the same view, they often cannot serve as the true single source of truth within an organization, and so not all the data is available for reporting.
  5. Finally, because of the first four limitations, organizations are unable to implement security and governance protocols across their entire data holdings.

Working together, Knowit and Denodo enable customers (or their clients) to modernize their existing data warehouses so that they overcome all of the above limitations, for maximum performance and agility.   

What Denodo Brings

The Denodo Platform uses data virtualization to connect data consumers to disparate sources of data in real time, without having to physically move any data from its existing location. The Denodo Platform sits in a layer between data consumers and the various data sources. The platform itself contains no data, but only the metadata required to access each source, and the platform shields consumers from this complexity, even when the data is being moved as part of a migration. By presenting data consumers with a real-time view across myriad disparate sources, data consumers can access a single version of the truth, and query across the heterogeneous sources without having to understand their different requirements.

Because of the unique architecture of data virtualization, organizations can leverage the Denodo Platform to implement security and data governance protocols across the entire organization, from a single point of control. Organizations can also build complex logical models across the data sources, experimentally and without risk, as they do not affect the underlying data sources.  

With the Denodo Platform new sources can be added relatively quickly, including emerging data storage architectures such as cloud or big data sources. Because the Denodo Platform supports a wide variety of legacy and modern data sources, it modernizes data infrastructures without forcing organizations to replace existing investments, including traditional data warehouses, data marts, and extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes.

What Knowit Brings

Knowit is a Nordic consultancy company that supports companies and organizations in digital transformation. With expertise in IT, design, communication, and management, Knowit develops innovative, sustainable solutions that gain tangible business benefits.

Knowit has substantial experience in data warehousing and the Denodo Platform, as well as in systems integration and systems implementation. Working with Denodo, Knowit has transformed traditional data warehouses into modern data warehouses that can seamlessly accommodate a wide range of modern data sources.

A large financial institution was running a traditional data warehouse and experienced several of the common limitations listed above. Knowit designed and implemented a data warehouse modernization project, leveraging data virtualization provided by the Denodo Platform.

The new, modern data warehouse enabled the bank to accelerate data delivery, provide seamless access to all data, perform zero-downtime migrations to support mergers and acquisitions, and improve compliance with a number of regulations including GDPR. In addition, the modern data warehouse was able to facilitate the creation of a new anti-money-laundering application, based on extended, on-the-fly Know Your Customer (KYC) capabilities, which was not possible with the legacy data warehouse. The new data warehouse is a hybrid system, as the organization needed to keep some data on-premises, and the Denodo Platform enables real-time access across both systems, simultaneously.

Knowit specializes in leveraging the logical properties of the Denodo Platform, enabled through data virtualization, to implement sophisticated data warehouse schemas, like the emerging Unified Star Schema, without downtime or the physical reformatting of data.

What can you achieve with Knowit and Denodo?  

With Knowit + Denodo, companies can:

  • Modernize data warehouses without replacing existing legacy data warehousing environments
  • Provide seamless, real-time access to all data sources across the organization, including on-premises and cloud sources
  • Simplify the management and implementation of security and data governance rules across the organization
  • Perform zero-downtime migrations, including to the cloud
  • Implement sophisticated new database structures using a logical, rather than physical, framework for flexibility and agility





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